Why work with me

Writing is in the fiber of my being. Since childhood, I've been using, studying, and expanding my skills with the written word. It's turned into a life-long pursuit to perfect this craft.


Matched with my desire to build long-term partnerships with every client that puts their trust in me, it means I work long after our agreement lapses to help you reach your goal.

My best clients are results-oriented, coachable, and serious about getting their ideas into writing. They expect the best from themselves and from me as a resource.
They are candid and so am I - which is why you should not consider me if you're shopping for the lowest price.
What you will get is a terrific ROI on the book we develop and the long-term partnership that results from our efforts.

Book Writing Services

Ghostwriting is the process of capturing your ideas through interviews and developing your manuscript from the transcriptions.

Book Blueprinting is the process of creating a roadmap for your manuscript (think creative brief) that captures all the important details.


Book Coaching is the process of keeping you on schedule, on point, and getting you across the manuscript finish line.

Book proposal writing is the process of creating a 'business plan' for your book to submit to literary agents.

Developmental Editing is the process of transforming your writing into a commercially viable manuscript.


Manuscript consultation takes an editor's purview of what you've written to create a plan to make it the best book possible. 

About Developmental Editing

Think of developmental editing as a 5,000-foot view of your book. It examines the storyline, looking for inconsistency and gaps, flow from chapter to chapter, the overall theme, style, voice, message, and readability.  


As developmental editor, I provide direction on where and how to address the issues in the manuscript. You do the writing.


Developmental editing is different from line editing (tone, pace, clarity, etc.) and from copy editing (grammar, punctuation, etc.) All are necessary to create a high-quality manuscript.  


My thinking: every author should partner with a developmental editor to make their manuscript commercially viable and attractive to literary agents.

About Book Blueprinting

Book Blueprinting is the process of creating a roadmap for your manuscript. It functions like a creative brief that gives you direction as you write. 


A book blueprint captures the details of your book such as table of contents, front matter, back matter, contributors, story inventory, reader or audience specifics, style and format, and much more.


A book blueprint makes the writing process smoother, faster and more efficient. Great for the independent author looking to get organized.


My thinking: a blueprint expedites the book writing process and improves the end result. And it beats the seat-of-the-pants approach hands down.

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Raquel Eatmon

Author, Beyond Enough

"Susan helped me unlock hidden doors. She is the expert at helping you develop and tell your story.


Even if you think you have all of the answers, talk with Susan before you type another word. Her wisdom and unique approach to telling your story will help you drive home a more impactful message." 

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Brian Campbell

Author, Third King and Guardian Angel

"Susan and her process brought my manuscript to life and helped me become a better writer. Our collaboration efforts were fun and inspired creativity which shows up in places all over the pages of my book.


I’ll always be grateful to Susan and proud of what we accomplished together. I can’t wait to get started on my next project. I am an author. Susan made me realize that."

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"Working with Susan was efficient and productive, which is exactly what I wanted. Susan is a no-nonsense, get down to business editor. The work of developmental editing is not easy because your manuscript is being put to the test by a pro. Susan was kind and direct as she guided me to the areas of the manuscript that needed more writing time to ensure clarity and precision of information. And, she helped me hone the language for exactly the right audience. While hard work, we had a few laughs together in the process and got really excited about the future of this book and the possible spin-off projects. It was so satisfying to make those final edits and to realize that I was ready to move the manuscript into the next phase. Thank you, Susan!!"

Monique Allen

Monique Allen

Author, Life-Scaping

"One of my main concerns was that my manuscript be put together well and that readers would have a good reading experience. This was my first book and I did not have any way to judge this for myself. Susan brought her expertise in coaching me to help me shape my manuscript into something that was clear and organized in a way that was interesting, informative, clear and even exciting for the reader. She also helped me clarify my vision for the book. I knew in my heart what I wanted to say but I did not have experience yet in translating that to the written page in a way that would be a effective and pleasurable experience for the reader. My book feels like an amazing piece of work to me and I'm so grateful to have had Susan's coaching along the way." 


Nadine Mazzola

Author, Forest Bathing with Your Dog

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About Book Coaching

Book Coaching is exactly what it sounds like - a coach who helps you get your manuscript written. I offer three coaching programs:

Jumpstart Sessions: Perfect for first-time authors who need help getting organized plus an ongoing accountability boost.

Two 30-minute sessions a month and tons of guidance to keep you on track.

Blueprint Sessions: Perfect for the author looking to get organized and make the writing process smoother, faster and more efficient. Five sessions designed to create a solid roadmap as you set off on your independent writing journey.

Fusion Sessions: Perfect for the author looking for high-touch book coaching and the most direct path to manuscript completion. Includes the Blueprint process, high-touch accountability, and developmental editing of your work.

About Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the process of capturing your ideas and experiences through a series of recorded interviews. Those interviews are then transcribed and crafted into your manuscript.


In ghostwriting, I serve as a partner, interviewer, project manager, editor, and writer.  My job is to guide the manuscript development process, help find your true voice, and ensure that it shines through in the finished piece.


My thinking: ghostwriting is an investment for serious authors who lack the time, skill or desire to write the manuscript themselves but want to publish a solid book that will compete well and get the attention of readers and publishers alike.

About Book Proposal Writing

A book proposal is a ‘business plan for your book’ that includes target audience research, competitive title analysis, the author's bio, a marketing and promotion plan, a chapter outline, and sample chapters. In short, it's a lot of work. But done right, it's worth the effort to get the attention of agents and publishers.

In proposal writing, I serve as a researcher, writer and partner in assisting the author with submitting their proposal to literary agents. My job is to write a well-developed proposal to provide the author with the best potential to land a publishing contract.

My thinking: proposal writing is a smart investment for serious authors who want to pursue the traditional publishing route. 

About Manuscript Consultation

A manuscript consultation will stop that voice in your head from questioning 'Is it any good or not? Did I miss the mark? Does it make sense? My job is to uncover the best parts, help you strengthen the weak parts and create a plan to make it the best book possible.


My thinking: a professional perspective provides the confidence that your book concept is commercially viable.