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Be ready to invest more than just money

One of the things that surprises me most about new authors is their surprise at the total investment of writing a book. It seems they are thinking that a high quality book will cost a few hundred dollars and take a few weeks to produce. Um, no.

You mean I need a budget in the thousands? Um, yes. You mean it takes months? Um, yes. You mean I'm going to be inconvenienced? Um, yes.

Check out my latest vlog for some thought-provoking questions every new author must answer truthfully before they get started on their book writing journey.


Writing your book means making investments in three areas:

  • Personal investment

  • Professional investment

  • Financial investment

Questions every new author must ask before starting their book writing journey:


  • Do I have the time, or am I willing to make time in my schedule to write?

  • Do I have the energy and excitement for writing this book?

  • Am I willing to let this book project be the focus of my attention for the time it takes to write it?

  • Am I willing to open my myself to the process of using my personal experiences to lend my unique perspective to my book?


  • Am I willing to allow my book project to distract me from my business or career for the time it takes to write it?

  • How will I manage this distraction?


  • Do I fully understand the soft costs involved in writing my book?

  • Have I done my homework to understand the hard costs of producing a book?

  • Do I have a budget that will support my goals for the book?

First time writing a book? Then you will want to read 6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book to get ready for your book writing journey.

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