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Courageous self-care is not what you think

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the podcast Courageous Self-Care with Christina Marlett. We discussed the topic of owning your story and the role authenticity plays in making you courageous.

We then turned our attention to how after being fired (a few times) I realized that I was not meant to be employed, but that I was truly an entrepreneur. The universe was trying to get that message across to me. It was after the third job loss that I finally received that message and I've never looked back.

That is Christina's definition of courageous self-care; taking the risk (in my case of starting my writing practice) because it's who I really am. Caring enough about myself to do what I knew deep down was the right thing for me.

Thank you, Christina, for the reminder that self-care comes in many forms.

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