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When your passion takes a turn

You know the moment your passion takes a turn. “Hard a-starboard,” it yells from deep inside your soul. It might begin slowly, as a persistent whisper that grows with intensity. The transformation of your passion is unique to you, but for everyone, it demands action.

Think back to the passion that demanded you take that risk to launch your startup or step into that CEO role. Sleep was scarce in those days, as you learned, grew, and faced the storm. Life seemed impossibly unrelenting. Personal and professional roadblocks met you at every turn, causing you to question yourself and your sanity. But your passion was the fuel that kept you moving.

But now, your passion seems different. You can hear that whisper again, the intensity growing with each passing day. I need to do more. And that thought won’t leave you.

I see this pattern in every client. I hear it in their stories as we work on their books. That turn is the catalyst that jump starts their book projects. Their passion sparks an overwhelming need to help others, to disrupt the status quo, to make a difference. But a book is just one way that passion manifests itself. I watch my clients pair book writing with actions that answer the call to do more. Several of these took shape while we were writing.

  • Start a foundation to support others coming up in their wake

  • Create a grant to fund young women in their industry

  • Launch a new startup to disrupt an industry or the status quo

  • Push the limits of long standing boundaries

  • Make dismantling cracks in the patriarchy

  • Speak their truth louder than ever before

Passion is very different from ego. Passion generates an energy that is uncontainable, spilling over and energizing everyone in its wake, in powerful contrast to ego which sh!ts on everyone. You won’t find any thinly veiled vanity projects among my clients because this is not about them.

I love seeing a client light up as she explains her vision. Together, we harness that passion to fine tune her vision and plot the way forward. Yes, a book can do that and so much more. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It is why I love being a ghostwriter for women founders and CEOs.

Be still for a moment and listen. Is your passion taking a turn?


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