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Women Leaders Have Always Been a Part of My Story

"Helping women tell their stories is what I was put here to do." 
Susan Baracco

Being a writer and book collaborator is a dream come true and an honor. I get to work with amazing women who have incredible stories of overcoming unimaginable odds. I get to share their passion to change their world and the world at large. It means I get to help them shape those stories into powerful content that inspires and informs. It means I get to build an amazing network of humble yet powerful women who are determined to make a difference.

I first discovered that I was a word-nerd at a pretty young age. The stories I wrote in my journal were a fusion of autobiography, my fantasy (what I really wanted to be), and the realities of life on a dairy farm. After changing majors more times than I could count, I not-so-ironically settled on English and earned a Bachelor's degree.

Fifteen years of business coaching, facilitating executive mastermind groups and working side-by-side with women leaders gives me a unique perspective among professionals in the book writing industry. I've worked with hundreds of women leaders, many already successful, some on their way to success and some just getting started.

Since 2011, I've focused my energy on being a resource for women who want to tell their stories in an effective and powerful way. My clients include entrepreneurs, business leaders and women with a passion for sharing their stories to help others.

My entrepreneurial experience includes some pretty crazy zigzags into a retail liquor outlet, two business coaching franchises, founding a membership organization for women entrepreneurs, and a couple of non-profit president stints, just for fun.
Women leaders have been a part of my professional life in a variety of ways:

  • Women Leading Women - Global advisor - mentoring women founders in third world countries

  • Women Presidents Organization - chapter chair

  • Echelon Circles professional women's organization - founder and president

  • Maine Million Dollar Women's Forum - founder

  • Center for Women & Enterprise Boston - volunteer advisor

  • Keybank Key4Women National Advisory Board - member

  • NAWBO Boston - board member

Fun stuff: running | ocean kayaking | red wine | vegan foodie | dogs of any kind | singing loudly at church


I believe in living by core values.  I write for a living because this work allows me to be my authentic self.


  • Above all else, live with integrity

  • Value and respect everyone

  • Get out of the way and let creativity happen

  • Bring my best to everything

  • Love what I do or stop doing it

  • Remain humble and always be learning

Meet my team!

Home with pups_edited.jpg

Brodie is a 5 yr old American Bulldog mix (the handsome gray guy) and Bailey is a 8 yr old Pitbull Terrier mix (the black and white beauty). Both are rescue pups :) 

Brodie is the king of kisses and Bailey has enough energy to power the entire neighborhood even though we run 4+ miles every morning.

They sit in on most of my video calls (and love to steal the spotlight), they critique my writing when I read it aloud, howl like crazy when a delivery comes, and keep me feeling loved and supported every day.

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