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Working with Susan was efficient and productive, which is exactly what I wanted. Susan is a no-nonsense, get down to business editor. The work of developmental editing is not easy because your manuscript is being put to the test by a pro. Susan was kind and direct as she guided me to the areas of the manuscript that needed more writing time to ensure clarity and precision of information. And, she helped me hone the language for exactly the right audience. While hard work, we had a few laughs together in the process and got really excited about the future of this book and the possible spin-off projects. It was so satisfying to make those final edits and to realize that I was ready to move the manuscript into the next phase. Thank you, Susan!!

Monique Allen

Susan motivated me to tell my story, then paved a crystal clear road to express it and share it with others. She is a master at getting to the heart of your message. So grateful for you, Susan.

Raquel Eatmon

It was my work with Susan that got me started on this book journey. Our work together helped pull together the pieces that really moved it forward. Thank you for understanding my vision and helping me bring it to life.

Meg Stafford

Susan and her process brought my manuscript to life and helped me become a better writer. Our collaboration efforts were fun and inspired creativity which shows up in places all over the pages of my book. I’ll always be grateful to Susan and proud of what we accomplished together. I can’t wait to get started on my next project. I am an author. Susan made me realize that.

Brian Campbell

I find myself struggling to compose a message that accurately describes the scope and scale of how much Susan helped make Like Pebbles in Water better. To put it simply, Susan was amazing to work with.

Laurie Roy

Susan brought her expertise in coaching me to help me shape my manuscript into something that was clear and organized in a way that was interesting, informative, clear and even exciting for the reader. She also helped me clarify my vision for the book. I am so glad to have found you. Because of your help I have a pride and belief in this book that I can feel throughout my whole body, heart and soul.

Nadine Mazzolla

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