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Writing is baked into the fiber of my being. Since childhood, I've been playing with, studying, and expanding my skills with the written word. It's turned into a life-long pursuit to perfect this craft. 

I love working with women founders and CEOs who are comfortable taking risks, disrupting the status quo, and speaking their truth. 
I believe that strong writing skills are only half of the equation. Being your confidant, ardent supporter, and dedicated partner on your book journey completes the experience of writing a high-quality book that becomes your legacy. 

Book Writing Services

Ghostwriting is the process of capturing your ideas using our discussions along with your previous writings and articles. I write your manuscript for you from all the details you provide.

Book Coaching provides you with the accountability, structure, and guidance to help you complete your manuscript. For nonfiction or fiction.

Developmental Editing is the process of transforming your first draft manuscript into a cohesive, enjoyable book for your audience. For nonfiction or fiction.

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