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Writing is baked in to the fiber of my being. Since childhood, I've been playing with, studying, and expanding my skills with the written word. It's turned into a life-long pursuit to master this craft and has become both my profession and my passion.

I collaborate with women, diverse in ethnicity and lived experience, who aspire to change their world and the world at large, and leave a written legacy worthy of their life’s work. 
Combining my skill with the role of being your confidant, ardent supporter, and dedicated collaborator on your book journey completes the experience of writing a high-quality book. 
Beyond books, I've helped women founders and leaders create thought leadership content, speeches and presentations, and a variety of professional correspondence.

About the collaboration process

The book collaboration process is as important to your success as the book we produce together. It requires earnest commitment from both of us, and that I see your vision as clearly as you do. Often we arrive at that clarity together. A Book Finder Session is the first step, providing us the time to develop your vision and book concept before we write the first word, and to determine if we are a collaborative fit.

Every woman's voice, story, and life are unique, so while each project follows a similar creative path and timeline, each collaboration is unique as well. We will exchange information via video calls, emails, and file sharing tools, and we will meet face-to-face when the need and opportunity arise.

I will supplement our conversations with interviews and research as needed, and work with you to develop your ideas and philosophies as the writing progresses.

Ultimately, I strive to uphold my values, and manage the unknowns to make the collaboration process as enjoyable and predictable for my authors, guiding you through the completion of a book we are both proud to share.

My book collaborations include:

  • Family story of escape from Turkey and immigration to the US as the basis for a fiction work

  • Chinese immigrant founder's journey from China to become a successful entrepreneur, memoir

  • Stage 4 cancer patient's journey of natural treatments, memoir

  • Author's story of surrendering a baby to adoption and her lifelong journey to find closure, memoir

  • Founder's journey through personal loss to a successful business, prescriptive memoir/thought leadership

  • Mother's story of raising a physically disabled child to adulthood as the basis for a fiction work

  • Founder's journey of life as a teenage mother to successful business owner - prescriptive memoir

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