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Resources for Women Authors

Blueprint Cheat Sheet

In the rush and excitement to get started writing your book, it can be difficult to step back, take a broader look and decide which ideas will combine to make a great story. But in my experience, bypassing the strategy and planning step means you will waste time, get lost or simply just stop.


Completing this Cheat Sheet before you begin writing will help provide clarity, focus and a map to follow on your book writing journey.  


Includes 18 must-answer questions plus 4 bonus questions that get you off to a strong start.

Prepare to Write - Daily Guide

Finding time to write is a challenge.  But making the shift from the demands of your day to focus on writing is an even bigger challenge.


I created this Daily Guide with you in mind.  This guide provides 6 steps to help you shift physically and mentally into the optimum mindset for writing.  Increase your productivity today!

Select a Sounding Board                                   

Writing a book is a major undertaking, a true journey. But you don't have to take this journey alone.  Selecting the best person to be your sounding board is an important part of the process.


This rating sheet will help you assess the person you are considering in 10 key areas.

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