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Helping women change the world through their stories

Susan Baracco, Story Architect for Women
Ghostwriter | Book Coach | Editor | Author
 Memoir | Non-fiction | Subject expert | Business

Don't let a lifetime of wisdom wait a lifetime to be shared

I help high-achieving women write their non-fiction book so they can make an impact with their message and build their personal brand.

You already changed the world through the lifetimes you have lived. Now it's time to put that hard earned wisdom in writing and change the world on a bigger scale.


A few of the things I help women authors do:

  • organize their ideas, stories, and content

  • outline their book

  • stick to a writing schedule to meet a deadline

  • bring a fresh set of eyes to what they have written through manuscript editing and assessment

  • write their manuscript for them

  • complete the book they've dreamed about for years

From first time author to seasoned writer, I've helped women shape their stories into a bucket list book, a career building tool, or a must-read contender. 

How can I help you?

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