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Helping women reach their lifelong goal of making a difference 
through book writing

Susan Baracco, Story Architect for Women
Ghostwriter | Book Coach | Editor
 Memoir | Non-fiction | Thought leadership

Don't let a lifetime of wisdom wait a lifetime to be shared

I help women founders and CEOs write non-fiction books to make an impact, inspire, and disrupt the status quo. My best clients are comfortable following their passion, taking risks, and speaking their truth. 

A few of the things I help women authors do:

  • organize their ideas, stories, and content

  • complete the book they've dreamed about for years

  • bring a fresh set of eyes to what they have written through manuscript editing and assessment

  • coach them through the book writing process


What I bring to the table: 

  • years of writing and coaching experience

  • years of working with women from around the world

  • my passion for deep listening and seeing the potential in your stories

  • a high level of professionalism and support 

  • my role as a confidant in your book writing journey 

  • a hands-on knowledge of the book writing process

  • a commitment to helping my clients produce a high-quality book

How can I help you?

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