Helping women tell their stories

Susan Baracco, Story Architect for Women
Ghostwriter | Book Coach | Editor | Author
Subject matter expert books | Business | Memoir | Non-fiction

"How do I turn what I know into something that

people will want to read?"


That's often the first question women ask me.

I love that question because that's where I shine.

Transforming your knowledge into an engaging, powerful, high-value story is what I was put here to do.



Which author are you?

"I'm ready to get started, but I'm not sure how."

Great! You are at a perfect place to plan your book, get organized and jumpstart your writing.

"I'm writing but wonder if I'm heading in the right direction, getting overwhelmed"

You are at a great point to get direction on how to develop your manuscript into one that will be commercially viable in the marketplace.

"I'm done writing my manuscript, now what?"

You are ready for developmental editing or a manuscript consultation.

"I know I have a book in me, I just don't have the time or skill to write it myself:"

You should explore partnering with a ghostwriter to help bring your manuscript to life.

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