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What does "It's time" even look like?

You’ve wanted to write a book for some time now. You know it will have an impact and expand your reach. But you also know it’s a big undertaking. Anytime someone asks about your book, a knot forms in your stomach, and your pat response is always some variation of “Not yet.”

However, there’s a danger in that pat response. Over time, that response makes it quite comfortable to stay perched on the ledge of your dream, gazing at your vision. After all, the view is impressive, a light breeze flirts with your superhero cape, and the glow from your ideas warms your face. Quite lovely, right where you are. And I'm not being facetious here, if you are like many of the women authors I meet, you are a superhero with an important story to tell.

But peering over the ledge, you see the next step, and it’s a damn big one. The thought of leaping off tightens that knot another notch or two. You don’t really know where that leap will take you. Once again, you ease away from the ledge while months or years slip by. 

I’m sure the signal that it’s time to take that leap has flashed in front of you several times, but you didn’t recognize it or ignored it out of fear. Not taking the leap is frustrating, too, but you just continue to gaze.

There’s only one reason you step back repeatedly. Yes, only one. Fear of the unknown.

For first-time authors, it’s the one thing that keeps them from taking the leap into the book writing journey. What you really need are some answers.

Not generalized answers from a website or, ahem, a post on social media, but answers to your specific questions. Getting your questions answered would clear up a lot of unknowns, melting your fear like butter in a hot skillet.

My mission to help women use their wisdom and their voices to change the world means I can’t just stand by watching you miss another signal. If a signal is flashing that it’s time, we need to figure it out and get you moving.

Don’t take the leap until you know what you are in for. Invest 30 minutes on a call with me. We'll map out your next steps to writing your book. No fee, no strings. Think of it as grabbing a coffee with a ghost.👻

Then take your leap with confidence. 


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