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How's the book coming along?

December is follow-up month for me. I invest time reaching out to women who, at some point in the past, expressed their desire to write a book. In many cases, it was years ago when they first told me "soon" or "next year." And sadly, I get the same thinly veiled excuses year after year: "Still not ready, too busy, business, family, travel, yada, yada, yada." I've written about what might be behind your hesitation, or filling you with fear, or even the pandemic, so I won't rehash those points. I wrote these a while back, but nothing has changed. 

So when I saw this quote from James Clear in one of his recent Thursday emails, I thought it would be powerful for you to hear it from a guy who's an expert on habits, procrastination, and productivity. I quote him often because he has a way of articulating the truth so you can't ignore it.

The way to live a full life is to act quickly.
Particularly as you grow older, it's alarmingly easy to let a year or two (or five) slip by without doing the big things you always felt like doing. You get into a rhythm—not necessarily one you love, but one you become comfortable repeating—and the grooves of your daily routine become deeper and more established.
Speed is perpetually undervalued. That doesn't mean you should feel frantic or rushed. In fact, it's likely you should eliminate some of the things that make you feel so busy to make space for things you always wanted to do. But it definitely means you should stop letting the days drift by waiting for the moment to be right.
Stop acting like there is infinite time. This—the way you are living right now—is your one life.

Please read this quote a few times. Slowly. Take it in and let it take hold.

Stop acting like there is infinite time. 

Make 2024 your year to do what you have always wanted to do. I don't care if it's something other than writing your book. Start right here, right now. Share your big thing on social media. Put it into the universe for others to see it and support you. Then get to it.


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