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Ghost writers don't do what you think the do

If you are like most people, the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a ghostwriter is someone who writes novels and memoirs. The term ghostwriter has long been associated with major book writing projects. But ghostwriting is changing. A variety of drivers like the Internet, technology, blogs and websites, content marketing, influencer marketing, and the holiest of all grails; thought leadership, are reshaping the landscape. As a result, ghostwriting is evolving in some pretty exciting ways.

Out with book writing only; in with the writing concierge

Ghostwriters are evolving into two distinct categories: single service and multi-service. Many are still traditional novelists who are best equipped to tackle a major book project. But a new breed of ghostwriter serves as what I call a writing concierge to the business leader. The concierge writes a variety of content for anything from blogs, press releases, and magazine articles, to speeches, presentations, and books. Providing content on-demand as needs arise is becoming essential to the ghostwriter/concierge service offering.

Out with the promotional pitch; in with the relationship

Perhaps the biggest change is the pivot from a promotional or authoritative tone to one that builds a relationship with your audience. We all know that people do business with people and companies they know, like and trust. Your thought leader content is filled to the brim with opportunities to build that KLT. A ghostwriter helps capture the personality, energy, and spirit that you bring to the game making you likable, credible, and follow-worthy.

Out with the occasional; in with the consistent

For many years, only those business leaders who enjoy writing about their ideas would generate articles. And a few guest articles a year in industry magazines would suffice. But content and technology now combine to create a hungry beast that requires regular feeding. Blogs, online media outlets, and our audiences demand a steady stream of activity. A ghostwriter makes it easier for you to keep pace with that demand.

Out with 'nice to have'; in with 'need to have'

Savvy business leaders know that establishing their voice and authority in their industry is no longer an option. In a recent post, I explore the question of necessity versus luxury when it comes to thought leadership. Business leaders are making thought leader strategy a priority because they understand its value. They recognize that the demand for high-quality content is something they must outsource, and outsource wisely. Having a resource readily available can mean the difference between accepting an opportunity to become a contributor or walking away because you don't have the time.

Doesn't the idea of a writing concierge sound delightful? I think so, too.

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