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Courageous or criticized (be ready for both)

What impels an author to choose a challenging topic for their book? That is the question I asked author Charlena Jackson. She is a university professor with a Bachelors in Biology, a first Masters in Sports Health Science, and a second Masters in Healthcare Administration. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration.

Why is this detail important to her answer? Because of the book that Charlena chose to write. She felt called to write a book about her life journey. It took her two years to write it. She already had a consistent habit of journaling, so writing the book was a relatively easy progression. And God wanted her to write it.

Charlena’s recently published book, No Cross, No Crown: Trust God Through the Battle is an exploration of her faith, her upbringing, and her life journey through difficult times. The title comes from a saying her grandmother was fond of repeating, “you have to earn your crown by carrying your cross.”

I decided to interview Charlena because of the risk that seemed inherent in her choice of topic. She was happy to share some insights into the decision to write about her faith, a subject she knew might not be popular.

“I wanted to reach out to individuals, hoping they would receive the message and benefit from it,” Charlena explained. “I couldn't worry about what others believe; I felt called to do what I had to do and put out there. The book helped me through my own journey and difficulties; it helped me relax, focus and stay in a peaceful state.”

Charlena knew upfront what might happen once the book came out. “It's based on my life story and my mantra of dare to believe. It took courage to put my story out. I prepared myself to be judged. People were going to know my personal story. Either people will think I'm courageous or I will be criticized.”

Most authors will tell you that there is no shortage of people who will disagree with you. Anyone who has posted a simple comment on social media can attest to that fact. It is a part of the book journey that every author must prepare for like Charlena did. I believe that for every negative comment, there is a person who has been helped by your insight.

To that point, I love Charlena’s view of books. As she explains it, “books are essential to life. They take you to another world. They can put you in someone else's shoes. They are like meditation. Even a page or a chapter, it's like medicine. Books have the power to heal.”

Amen, Charlena. And thank you for sharing your book journey and life story with us.

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