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Want your book done in 2023? Here’s your 4 must-do-right-nows

If you are a first-time author who wants to get your book into the world in 2023, I have some tough news. It’s dangerously close to too late, even if you have part of your manuscript written. I often see first-time authors come into the book journey unaware of two important realities: the time it takes and the money it takes to produce a quality book. I emphasize quality because you can produce a book faster and cheaper, but as the saying goes; results may vary.

Assuming that you want a quality book, here’s a short list of must-do-right-now tasks.

  • Develop a budget for your project. Each stage of your book writing journey will require an investment of time, money, or both. To learn more, check out my article that includes cost estimates for writing and publishing.

  • Contact a writing resource before the end of 2022. The best ghostwriters and book coaches book up to a year or more in advance. By best I mean experienced, which is why they are booked. Cancellations happen, so contact them anyway.

  • Research your publishing options.

    • Traditional publishers are booking publishing projects for 2024 and 2025. You should include the time to land a publishing deal in your timeframe.

    • Independent publishers are booking for late 2023 or into 2024. Do your research to identify the best fit for your project and needs.

    • Hybrid publishers are booking for mid to late 2023. Again, do your research to identify the best fit for your project and needs.

  • Create your author strategy. Whether you write your book or hire a ghostwriter, the project will demand your time. Check out my guide to creating your author strategy.

Whew! This list is short because your time is short. And the holidays, and travel, and your business, and year-end, and yeah. I left out the finer details because I know your attention span is also pretty short right now. If you’re like me, it’s short all the time.

Parting thought: pushing your book project off until 2023 actually means pushing it off until 2024. Or later.

If you are serious about your book, then it’s time to take action. Must-do-right-now action.


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