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Wonderful evening for a book party

It rained most of the day, with the occasional cloud-emptying downpour creating puddles everywhere. Humidity hung visibly in the air, in a bad hair day kind of way. But it was a wonderful evening for a book party. I admit I was pretty excited to bring my new book 6 Things No One Tells You About Writing a Book to the world in such a perfect location. I had the pleasure of being hosted in the dynamic new co-working space at coworkHERS in downtown Portland, Maine.

Founder & CEO Heather Ashby has done a wonderful job transforming the space into a stylish, relaxed yet professional work and meeting destination in the heart of the city. She and her event manager, Caitlin Murphy do an amazing job of making sure every detail is perfect and that attendees feel welcome and comfortable.

It was an intimate gathering of aspiring women authors who engaged in lively conversation offering thoughtful questions about book writing. They came to take advantage of the learning opportunity and I did my best to inspire and educate them.

The evening reminded me just how much I can help women who want to write a book. And just how much I love what I do.

My partnership with Heather and the team at coworkHERS continues in July when I will deliver my signature hands-on nonfiction book writing workshop for women authors: 3 Steps to Building Your Best Book. Event details and registration.

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