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A Tapestry of Amazing Humans

“So, what type of clients do you write for?” This question from a curious friend had me reflecting on my work with women authors. A closer look surprised me a bit. Without intending to do so, my client list creates a rich tapestry of amazing humans. And by amazing, I mean not your average bears.

When I started writing, I set out to work with women because of the instant and deep connection we establish, the passion that flares in me when I listen to their stories, and the commitment I have to getting more female voices into this world. Where I landed is in the center of this amazing tapestry with strong, brilliant women seeking to share their stories to help others.

Let me share a sampling of what my client tapestry looks like.

My first client was an American-born woman of Armenian descent, who sought to tell her grandmother’s story of escape from concentration camps and genocide in Turkey. Another amazing client, a woman of color, asked me to edit her inspirational self-help book a few years back, and we are now partnering on her memoir centered on a powerful story about race. Another client, an Israeli born immigrant, partnered with me to tell her story of raising her mentally disabled son. I am in the final stages of writing a book for an American woman who is sharing the story of unexpectedly losing her son and how that loss became a catalyst in her life and business. And I recently began working with a Chinese woman to share her immigration and entrepreneurial journey.

I am humbled by what I’ve heard and learned through our discussions and the books we create together. These women lived through unimaginable challenges, persevering and finding a way when most told them there wasn’t a way. For two of these women, English is their second language which they regarded as a minor bump in their book writing journey.

These stories will help so many people. It’s that knowledge that makes me grateful for the women who’ve trusted me to write their books. Purely organic, my client list represents a breath and depth of wisdom I couldn’t have hand curated. They are my why and the reason I love what I do.

I believe writing is a powerful way for all voices to be heard. When will we hear yours?


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